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Property to Let - Commercial - Wren Hall Ongar

Wren Hall Ongar

Grade 2 Listed Old Drill Hall historically used by various local regiments from the 1820s to 1945. The building is a timber framed construction with unique sprung trussed roof. The building has been sympathetically restored to form a spectacular interior.

Alterations and a refurbishment have commenced. Phase 1 is the conversion of the existing garage into Office space. The work is being carried out sympathetically at all times respecting the listed structure. Care is being taken in the selection of materials to ensure that they are in keeping with the existing building.

The first thing to do was to remove Graham Mullender's MGB that had been parked in the garage since 1988. Surprisingly, the car was in a fair condition after being parked up for twenty two years. The car has been taken to a local garage for restoration. With the car out of the way, work commenced turning a garage into a comfortable office. Defective sections of the existing wall plate have had to be replaced and the damp courses have been renewed. The levels of insulation have been increased to the floor and external walls.

The new window and door were made to a very high standard at a local joiners shop to match the pattern of the existing. The existing garage doors were removed and carefully dismantled, the re-usable boards were set aside; they have now been re-used to clad the new external wall. Internally the walls have been boarded to follow the profile of existing walls though they will be painted rather than left in a natural finish. The power, data and fire protection installations have been extended into the new areas.

Externally, all wood surfaces have been painted with Micro-porous paint (much to the dismay of the painter as it is hard to apply) as it allows the timber to breath. Internally surfaces have been finished in traditional colours using Eggshell paint.

The refurbishment and alterations to the First Floor are underway. The office space on the first floor will be available to rent in 2014.

G R & S Mullender Investments are seeking further land and suitable property for commercial and residential use. Joint venture developments will always be considered.

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